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True Worship Part 18

In True Worship Part 17 we talked about the idea of preparing ourselves for worship.  So many times, we come to church and can barely catch our breath before we have to sit down in the auditorium.  We live hurried lives, in disturbed times, feeling we can never give our full attention to anyone thing. Continue reading “True Worship Part 18”

True Worship Part 17

In Part 16 of True Worship we looked at Jonah.  Jonah was bitter, and he let it affect his ability to worship.  Sure, he worshipped when there was absolutely nothing else that he could do…in the deepest, darkest place he had ever been.  Just minutes from sure death.  But, in Psalms 139 we here GodContinue reading “True Worship Part 17”

True Worship Part 16

In True Worship Part 14 we saw where bitterness could eat at our souls and hinder our worship.  We saw where this bitterness could affect our actions.  Believe it or not, God gave us an example of this exact attitude and result in His Word.  Jonah!  I love bible characters, don’t you?  Isn’t funny howContinue reading “True Worship Part 16”

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