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My dad used to garden when he was still alive. I remember his last garden in the spring of 2016. He was dying of cancer, had been placed in hospice care and I was blessed to finish his last garden for him. I have recently started gardening almost 4 years later after retiring and havingContinue reading “Seeds”

True Worship Part 22

True Worship Part 22 We have been talking about worshipping God for a while now. We have come a long way in trying to define it, and maybe correct some of our thoughts or attitudes toward worship. But sometimes it helps to go back to the starting point and ask a few questions. Why shouldContinue reading “True Worship Part 22”

True Worship Part 21

We have talked about True Worship for quite some time now.  We have tried to define worship, recognize it, replicate it, and we have looked at examples of it in scripture.  I have been reminded recently that if we don’t talk about it and share it with others, it will do us no good.  ItContinue reading “True Worship Part 21”

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