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True Worship Part 14

In True Worship Part 13, we ended with the idea of forgiveness being a key attitude that promotes worship.  Stating this in the negative, a lack of forgiveness inhibits true worship.  As a matter of fact, the Father demands forgiveness from those who have been forgiven.  And since the Father does not need to beContinue reading “True Worship Part 14”

True Worship Part 13

In True Worship Part 12, we ended with the idea that dissatisfaction or discontent can affect our worship.  Earlier, we had looked at gratitude.  It is interesting how our worship can be affected by our attitudes.  Gratitude promotes worship, however discontent steals away our ability to trust, pursue, and worship God.  Today I want toContinue reading “True Worship Part 13”

True Worship Part 12

In True Worship Part 11 we ended on the idea of obedience.  To obey God is to worship God.  To disobey God is an act of rebellion.  What gets in the way of our obedience?  Why would we choose to disobey God when we know that He only has our eternal salvation and fellowship inContinue reading “True Worship Part 12”

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